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Nina Fusco
Fine Art Professional Artist & Writer

Brief Description: Nina enjoys creating 3-D paper sculptures, photo realistic pencil drawings, collages and photography. She have a passion for paper. She has been intrigued by the medium of paper for more than 20 years. She manipulates the flat surface of paper and gives it life. She cuts, scores, and bends it while exploring the contrast of light and dark shadows. She photographs her work and has a line of greeting cards.

Nina graduated from Kean University in New Jersey where she majored in visual communications and minored in graphic design. She also wrote and illustrated a children’s book. Nina developed branding for area businesses in her studio in NJ then honed her fine art skills before moving to Florida and operating from there watching sea and Sun-sets from her water facing windows. She is a member of The Lighthouse Art Center, North County Artist’s Association and the Seabranch Art League. Her award winning work has been exhibited in Palm Beach County galleries.


Jyoti Swadas
Vaidya, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Product Formulator

Brief Description: Jyoti holds a degree in Ayurveda and practices holistic health & lifestyle consultation through multiple synergetic modalities such as Yoga, Acupressure, Naturopathy & Nutrition. Jyoti's father, Late Dr B R Soni had his own independent medical practice, which he ran for 40 years. Jyoti started helping him very early in her life in making numerous herbal formulations. She loved Ayurveda so much that she decided to dedicate her life to it. Jyoti did Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from esteemed Ayurveda University, Gujarat, India. She subsequently pursued Masters in Hospital Management. Jyoti is also a certified Nutritionist, Acupressurist and a certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OB/GYN).

Jyoti has a miraculous proven track record in infertility cases through Ayurveda, with patients who had lost all their hopes after multiple unsuccessful IVFs. Her other expertise is curing any kind of skin problems and diseases. She is researching on cancer treatment through natural herbs, because she lost her father due to cancer. Jyoti is always motivated to help poor and needy.

Jyoti is equally passionate about Yoga. She regularly teaches Yoga, Aerobics & Stretching. She properly learnt it by giving many years of her life in Yoga Sadhna Ashram, Gujarat, India. She also treats patients through Yoga, who are suffering from chronic depression, back pains, and Hyper-tension.


Dr. Gurmohan Brar
Ayurveda, Migraine

Brief Description: Dr Brar is an accomplished Ayurvedic Doctor prescribing and curing wide range of aliments. His results are nothing short of miracles. A native of Punjab, India, Dr. Brar attended Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangalore, India, where he graduated in 1997 with an undergraduate degree in medicine. While there, Dr. Brar developed an interest in mixing modern medicine with Ayurvedic medicine and herbal remedies after a close friend who suffered from migraines committed suicide because he could not bear the intense recurring headaches.

Brar grieved over the death of his friend, resolving to find a remedy for people who suffered from migraines. But that meant looking beyond modern medicine, which he concluded was — and still is — fixated on treating the symptoms, and not the root cause. That's when Dr. Brar became interested in mixing modern medicine with traditional Indian remedies, such as Ayurveda and herbalism. Dr. Brar went on to study herbalism at the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, Calif., where he was certified a master herbalist.


Manu Rajvanshi
Meditation Teacher & Certified Laughter-Yoga Leader (CLL)

Brief Description: Manu was born in India where Meditation originally started & existed from around 5000 years now. In his pursuit for knowledge he went to many Guru’s and teachers. He extensively studied the subject and exposed himself to the art & science of Meditation from every angle possible.

He was fortunate to go to a school which was committed to rich Indian culture & heritage. Then during the college there was a phase of on & off. At the tale end of college the stress of deciding future path of life, completely caught him off guard with no support system. Everyone goes through such tough patches of uncertainties and ambiguities in life; the bottom line is to have some sort of balancer which keeps your sanity intact. The lesson learned was to be proactively ready rather than letting the damage happen.

Manu is a Certified Laughter-Yoga Leader and a Certified Reiki Healer of Usui System of Natural Healing.


Sergey Maryanchik

Brief Description: Sergey is passionate about video recording. Sergey instantly fell in love with video camera first time he held it. He found it relaxing and quite immersing. He realized that this is the medium he wants to choose to release and express his creativity. Since the first shoot, he never looked back and is always ready to shoot videos any-time, any-day and any opportunity life presents him. Sergey has very steady hands with the camera and possess a very detailed keen eye taking care of important elements such as lights, etc.

The proper journey began around 2004 when Sergey gathered film enthusiasts and friends for production of amateur video "How Mike Met Ilona" and found that experience emotionally rewarding. Prior to that he had been creating videos for fun such as in 2003 he created a promotional video for his department. In January of 2007, Sergey learned about Maksim Kalashnikov's exciting cross-county bicycle trip and decided to videotape it. Since then, Sergey has become a creative force of the project. He accompanied and videotaped Maksim and his partners during their cycling adventure. He shot many videos for Anvention Meditation.

Sergey holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Brooklyn College of CUNY. He grew up in Kiev, Ukraine and now lives in Edison, NJ with his wife and two children. Sergey also enjoys creative writing.


Pooky Amsterdam
Animation/3D Producer

Brief Description: Pooky Amsterdam is one of Second Life's most producers of real time animation and is effectively using this graphic engine platform for media. A recognized Second Life solution provider as well as originator of programming, Pooky is a leader in what 3D virtual world technology can do. Some of her work is show-cased at:

Pooky believes this is the Golden Age of the Internet, and the possibilities for live TV and original production of the entertainment kind are incredible, unique and valuable.

Pooky has been part of Creatam team right from the beginning even before the inception. She is involved in all aspects especially in the area of creativity, social media and new-age e-marketing.


Shaill B Jaimon
Ethnic Food Specialist & Consultant

Brief Description: Shaill has a true undieing passion for food. His main speciality is Rajasthani and North Indian Cuisine. His main contribution is to add missing authentic sumptuous delicacies in American melting pot such as "Makki ki Dhokle" (Spicy Corn Muffins), Dal-Bati (Flour Balls) served with Lentils, Besan-Gatte-Ki-Subji with Yogurt based gravy. He is always over-booked for Ker-Sangri (Natural Wild Beans), which is unbeatable combination of taste and health, breaking the myth that a tasty food might not be healthy.

He is a NJ Licensed Food Handler. He spends most of his time in innovating new dishes. Shaill is available to manage your party taking you on an authentic mouth-flooding unforgettable food experience of your life.


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