“After my search on a variety of sources regarding meditation, I was happy to come upon this course. It was really helpful in making me a better person. You went out of your way to teach me more than what was part of your course. If you have any future sessions please let me know. Wishing the very best.”

-- Jothi, NY, 29-Jun-2002


“My initial experience with meditation was extremely enjoyable. While I had never practiced meditation before I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. Manu, you have shown me a wonderful way to understand myself much more. To realize that I am a much stronger person than I used to think I am. You are a very sensitive man, clear with your teachings and expressions. Thank again and I look forward to our continued lessons and friendship.”

-- Irene Rosado, Statan Island, 25-Jun-2004


My migraine headaches started for the first time when I was 15 years old. I was in 9th Grade then. I have had these headaches for 5 years now. When I have a headache, I feel dizzy. When the pain gets too much, I can't control myself and I cry all the time. I feel like I am going blind. Then I become angry and feel like I want to kill someone. I can't talk, I can't sleep, I can't study, I can't sit down, I can't do anything. After a month of taking Migrowin I feel a lot better. Thank you very much for giving me the supplement.

--RK, New Jersey


My name is SK and I am a 34 year old female. I have had migraines since I was 26. During the last 8 years, I went through a lot of MRIs and took a lot of over-the-counter drugs to deal with my migraine headaches. I also went to see many specialists. But, it was of no use, I kept getting the migraine headaches. When I get a migraine, it hurts a lot. I just want to stay alone and bang my head against the wall.

In July of 2005 one of my friends told me about  treating migraines with Migrowin. I was so delighted to hear about it that I tried it out. During the first month, I noticed that I was getting fewer migraines. After 3 months I was 80% better than before. Without Migrowin, I would still be banging my head on the wall.

--SK, New York


I am a 32 year old mother of 2 children. I have had severe headaches since I was about 12 years old. I have tried just about every over the counter medicine there is and did not find anything that could help me at all. The headaches would last for 4 or 5 days. All I wanted to do then was go into quiet, dark place. But, that is very hard to do with 2 young kids. The migraine would go away only with time. Sometimes I would take upto 12 pills a day, and it would still not help.

Until in July 2005 I tried a herbal medication for migraines, Migrowin. Although, I wasn't very hopeful, I was willing to try anything. So I took the medication for 15 days and I say very thankfully that I have not had a headache since then. I thank God and Migrowin for helping me. It has changed my life for the better because I don't suffer from migraines any longer.

--Carla Pierce, CT.


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