Customer Policy

  1. Focused for Customers:

    1. We are a customer focused company.
    2. We exist because of the needs & requirements of our customers.
    3. We are in the business of satisfying our customers business needs in the most professional, productive & profitable ways.
  2. Attitude towards Customers:

    1. Respect

      1. We respect all our clients no matter what. We respect their opinions, suggestions & requirements.

      2. They might or might not know much about IT or technology though they know their fields well and that is more than enough. Ultimately it is all about team-work. Nothing creates the best possible product then the synergetic team of functional and technical domain experts.

      3. Respect for our customers never gets affected or lost even when there is ever a difference of opinion. Free mind, thoughts and ideas bring the creativity much needed to bring the best in every team member.

    2. Relationship

      1. We not only just like our customers, we actually love them. Some we can love more than others or some could be just more lovable.

      2. We love them all and cherish their diversity and uniqueness.

      3. Relationship with our customers is never transaction based and does not end with the completion of project or assignment. It actually begins there and gets better and better.

    3. Results

      1. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and try to satisfy them exceeding their expectations.

      2. We do not believe in mere talking and are always focused on creating the tangible results.

      3. Our customers get delighted with our value addition and become part of our sales force recommending us to other businesses. Referrals from our existing customers are one of the main sources of business for our Company.

  3. Dealing with Customers:

    1. Courteous

      1. We have a strict guideline for everyone in the company to always treat our customers in most professional courteous way. No results are achieved by finger pointing and blaming each other.

      2. Never feel, have or display any anger.

      3. Never to raise any voice no matter how ugly things become.

    2. Careful

      1. Be careful never to hurt anyone’s feelings, sentiments & beliefs.

      2. Never make our customers wait. Never ignore their needs. Pay attention to what they want.

      3. Never offend any customer. Never hurt anyone’s ego. Never be sarcastic about their behavior, looks, intellect, knowledge, financial conditionals or personal situations.

    3. Cheerful

      1. Customers are our best friends and we need to greet them always smilingly cheerfully.

      2. Life is too short to give away any moment of happiness. Happiness grows by giving happiness to others. Giving is the best way to keep it everlasting. We feel free to show our sense-of-humor to the clients you are serving and also enjoy their jokes, feedbacks & suggestions. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

      3. We are to be happy, remain always hopeful and continuously spread cheer no matter what the situations, circumstances and challenges are.


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